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Small Business IT Support

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services for small and medium sized businesses are gaining in popularity. We offer after hours and emergency services to our business customers whose business just can't wait until tomorrow. If your server is down, so is your business. Can't take credit card payments? Has your business lost internet connectivity? Have your workstations lost connectivity with your server? Is your email server rejecting emails from your customers? Call now, we'll be glad to help get your business processes restored day or night.

Real Time System Diagnostics

Imagine your IT Support staff calling you when there's a problem- just to let you know they're fixing it. We have a completely different philosophy than other support companies. Rather than you discovering problems, calling someone about it and then scheduling time to get it fixed, our managed IT services plan is a proactive measure and will fix small problems before they become BIG problems. We save you the lost productivity, frustration and help keep that shiny reputation you have already earned. We offer low cost 'Real-Time System & Network Diagnostic' services which we provide to companies just like yours. By using this service, you can always be confident that the crucial business processes are operating as they should.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Are you sure your backup is restorable? Would you bet your business on it? At Broadview Technology Solutions, part of our managed IT services offerings is performing test restores regularly to ensure your valuable data is recoverable if disaster were to strike.

Decrease Response and Resolution Time of Incidents

Rely on our techs who are ready to respond immediately. We have a business-only portal dedicated to serving our business customers. Your existing staff may be overwhelmed with day to day user issues, maintenance of existing equipment and change requests. We relieve the strain to let them focus on higher level tasks like management initiatives which will change the way your business moves to help it be more efficient and profitable.

The True Cost of Managed IT Services

Managed IT services are not as expensive as you think. Hiring an employee with a Network Administration skillset costs on average $79k in annual salary ( 2013). That's about 6500 dollars a month PLUS you have to pay for benefits. Imagine having that resource for your company whenever you need it at a fraction of the cost.

Make Better Use of Existing IT Support Staff

Outsource your IT responsibilities such as break fix, patch management, asset tracking, moves/adds/changes, user administration and endpoint security to us. Make the best use of existing staff to develop new processes and procedures, enhance existing infrastructure and or security measures. Feeling growing pains? Use our service to delay hiring additional staff.

Security is a High Priority

Intellectual property theft and other information security related crimes are increasing in frequency as well as magnitude. With Broadview Technology Solutions, security is a high priority. We're always on the lookout for potential security risks. Much of this is addressed during our initial network assessment.

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