Internet Service



Still using a T-1?

Then odds are that your employees are not at their peak productivity and wait for sending or receiving files every day. This only adds to the cost of that bill. Your typical 1.5MB (upload and download) T-1 costs $300 per month. It's a low latency connection (quick from point A to point B) for very light internet traffic like VoIP phones.

If you're thinking about increasing your T-1 speed, stop right there. It's a better use of your operating expenses to add something like a 12MB cable internet or DSL internet connection for your PCs and server, while maintaining the T-1 for your phones only. You'll see a HUGE difference on your PCs and your T-1 will not struggle anymore with the traffic from all the computers and server. In download speeds, that's going to be a multiplier of 8 times increase in speed! And to put the icing on the cake, that 12MB cable or DSL connection is going to cost about another $100/mo, not $300/mo like adding another 1.5MB to the T-1 line. That's a savings of $200 per month!

With one extra piece of equipment we can configure failover so that if your cable or DSL internet goes down, your traffic will be automatically routed back to your old T-1! How much? The equipment is about $150+Tax +installation. Typically this results in a one time charge around $250, but each customer has different installation needs. If you rely heavily on the internet to do business (sending email, photos or CADD drawings) this cost will recoup itself in a matter of a few hours of avoided downtime. How much would you still have to pay your employees when they can't do their work because there's no email, no access to vendor websites, no way to receive customer files? Assume 5 employees at $10 per hour... that's $50/hr of waste during an internet service outage. You'd pay for the failover equipment in less than a day.

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