Computer Repair in Minneapolis MN



We do Computer Repair in Minneapolis.

Residential computer repair service is most cost effective when done here at our office in Burnsville, just 15 minutes south of Minneapolis and about one mile east of the Burnsville Center. We offer free pickup and delivery service for our seniors, veterans, active military families, and disabled customers within ten miles of our office. If travel is farther than ten miles, there is a small fee based on the distance. The most common complaints we hear from home users about their computers are windows errors and the classic "My computer is SO slow!" If your windows computer is slow but still works, we offer remote help desk service that lets you stay at home while you allow us to temporarily remote control your computer in Minneapolis from our office and fix the problem right in front of your eyes. This saves time, gas (the earth), and money- which reduces your repair bill for computer repair in Minneapolis. All you need is a working windows XP, 7, Vista, 8 or 10 computer (even if it's a slow one) and a broadband internet connection like DSL or Cable internet.

Wireless Internet setup and security

Residential wireless computer networks are among the most vulnerable. Only because of misinformation or misunderstanding about how wireless Security works. As a rule of thumb, you should apply the highest level of encryption that your computer/phone/tablet allows. Currently, the most common encryption types for home wireless networks is known as WPA2. If you're still using WEP, you should upgrade your wireless router and wireless devices on your computers to make your home network secure enough for banking and other financial or tax preparation activity. Please do not use short passwords, that's another "weak link" in the security chain! There are plenty of password generator websites out there, just use one of them. Click, copy and paste the password in to a text file and print it out on your printer. Then delete the file after you've printed it. Don't store your password on your computer where it could be stolen by malware or viruses. Remember- even though that big long password is a pain in the keester to enter on each device, you only have to do it once and your computer/laptop/tablet/phone will remember by itself from then on.

Do you need on-site, pickup & dropoff or remote assistance for Minneapolis Computer Repair?

No matter what brand they are, Minneapolis computer repair needs are a sure thing given enough time, and we're here to help fix your computer the fastest and most "fiscally responsible" way we can. We offer residential Minneapolis computer repair, new computer installation, data recovery, computer networking, and more.

Do you need help to set up a new computer?

New PC Setup is another service we offer. Don't want to mess with all the cables, velcro wraps, plugs and tucking everything in to hide it? We will come to your home or office at home and perform a very neat and clean installation. We hide all the wires possibe, use zip ties or velcro to keep all cables neatly tucked away under the desk. A neat computer installation prevents accidents down the road when someone's foot hits the power switch or unplugs a cable. This is a popular service with seniors who might have pain or difficulty kneeling and crouching for long periods of time. We also know that new computers come with LOTS of unnecessary programs. We can help explain what each one does and help you decide whether you will use it or whether it's just wasting your hard drive space!

Why do I need a Computer Backup?

On site or Off Site Backup is a very important part of your recovery plan. Call us and we can work with you to develop a comprehensive backup plan and help avoid wasted expenses later on for data recovery. Putting the plan to action will ensure all your critical files will not be lost at the time when you need them most. Data recovery (if you're unlucky) can be very expensive. To prevent a huge file recovery bill, you should set up an automatic backup service. Your backups should be scheduled in the late night or early morning hours when you aren't using your computer so that it does not slow down all the fun you're having!