We service many popular brands of computers in Burnsville

Broadview Technology Solutions does Burnsville Computer Repairs and employs only the most veteran and skilled technicians in the area: people who truly love what they do and have years of hands-on experience. This is more than a job to each of our technicians, which shows in the computer work we do here in Burnsville.

Burnsville Computer Repair Methods

Your data and privacy are of the utmost importance to us. We take great care of every computer in our shop because we understand what your pictures, school work and business files mean to you. Whenever necessary we backup your data, and upon request will keep it on hand for up to 3 weeks in case of mechanical failure after we've worked on your computer. Every computer leaves our computer repair shop in Burnsville MN with all necessary software, including anti-virus and the safest web browsers. All of your requests are taken into consideration when fixing your computer in Burnsville MN, so your workflow is uninterrupted and you can get back to using it with ease. Efficiency, safety and privacy are at the core of every decision we make.

Do you need on-site, pickup & dropoff in Burnsville?

Residential computer repair service in Burnsville MN is most economically priced when done here at our office in Burnsville MN, just 1 mile east of the Burnsville Center. We offer free pickup and delivery service for our seniors, veterans, active military families and disabled customers within ten miles of the office. If travel exceeds ten miles, there is a small fee based on the excess distance. The most common complaints we hear from home users about their computers are windows errors and the infamous "My computer is SO slow!" If your windows system is slow, we offer remote help desk service that lets you stay at home while we remote control your computer from our office and fix the problem right in front of your eyes. This saves time, gas, and money- which slims down your repair bill. All you need is a working windows computer (even a slow one) and a broadband internet connection like DSL or Cable internet.

We can help set up a new computer in Burnsville

New PC Setup is another service we offer. If you don't want to mess with all the cables, tie wraps, plugs and tucking everything in neatly? We will come to your home or home office and perform a very neat and clean installation. We hide all the wires we possibly can, use zip ties or velcro wraps to keep all cables neatly tucked away under the desk or inside a hutch. A neat computer installation prevents the accidents down the road when someone's foot hits the power switch or unplugs cables. This is a popular service with seniors who have pain or difficulty kneeling and crouching for long periods of time. We also know that new computers come with a lot of unnecessary programs. We can help explain what each program does and help you decide whether you need it or whether it's just wasting your hard drive space!

Burnsville Virus Removal

Virus removal can be a tedious, time consuming task. Let us handle the virus removal for you. We have proven techniques and specialized software to remove viruses, spyware, and fake antivirus software. After we remove the viruses, malware and spyware from a system, we install and update a high quality free antivirus program (license free for home users only) or any antivirus you already own a valid license for, and you're off back to the comfort of your home. Burnsville virus removal fast, cheap, and done right the first time.