Secure Cloud Backup



The leading cause of data loss is still hard drive failure

The breakdown according to is as follows:

  • 66% Drive Failure
  • 14% Human Error
  • 6% Software Failure
  • 3% Power Failure

Do you know how to be alerted in advance of your HDD or SSD drive dying? There's a way. We have software that monitors the SMART drive circuitry inside the hard drives. It will alert us in advance giving you precious time to make arrangements to move your data or replace the drive and restore from your cloud backup!

Are you prepared?

With cloud backup, you can defend against ALL of these threats and more. The backup happens outside business hours so that your internet connection is not slowed during your work day. The backup happens automatically so you don't have to remember to do it every single day. The backup keeps "versions" of your files. If a virus or other event corrupts a file and you don't use it for a week or two then open it to find out it's broken... you have previous versions of the file from weeks before to roll back to.