Virus removal in two easy steps...

Step one: Shut the system down.

The longer your system is running after it's infected... the more damage the virus will be able to do to your files and operating system. Also the more likely a virus removal will be difficult or maybe even impossible. Some viruses are made to reach out across the internet to what's called a "command & control server" that acts as an intermediary for a hacker to remotely control the infected computer. The main point is... none of this stuff works if your computer is shut off. Just shut it down and call a virus removal specialist. If your computer is powered off, the virus can't make things worse by infecting more files or encrypting your spreadsheets, documents and PDFs.

Step two: Let the pros handle it.

Virus removal is a huge tax on your time and resources. Let us use our specialized software tools to clean the system and get it back to you with the antivirus of your choosing or a free option that we suggest. The virus removal experience at Broadview is highly rated by third party reviews and by existing customers. Most virus removals are completed in 1 to 2 business days. Simply call us or fill out the virus removal contact form on this page and we'll be in touch shortly. Thanks!