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Network Installation, Network Support, Network Services and Network Security

Network Services are Crucial

Anyone with a computer likes, and more often than not, has a need to be connected to the internet. If you can't connect to the internet you can't receive critical updates and patches for your software or operating systems. And even more importantly it's very likely that you can't work. This is a very bad situation which leads to old and or flawed drivers decreasing your computer's performance, security holes for hackers, phishers, and malware to penetrate your computer's defenses. Getting back online with our network support will stop all that and let you get those critical updates. Most network support issues are solved within an hour. Don't keep trying to guess what the problem is, or maybe even make things worse, by guessing and changing settings on your router or modem. Contact us to get great network support ASAP.

Slow Networks Suck (figuratively)

Slow networks will suck the productivity out of your day, week, and eventually your month. Network optimization is key to kick those cables in the pants and make the most of the internet speed you pay for! An increase in the efficiency of your network services results in an increase of productivity and increase in the time left at the end of the day. Access local network services and internet resources quickly, download files faster, send large emails faster. This will translate to less waiting for you and your customers, who will in turn be happier with the service they get from your company. A few things we help you do is segregate parts of your network that do not need to talk to each other, we verify your network plan makes sense for your business, and help you decide what services should or should not be available to which parts of your network. It makes network services simple really, like making sure a crowd doesn't get too loud by dividing them in to small groups in different rooms. Then everybody can speak normally and not have to shout over each other to get the message across. Network subnetting or "segregation" also enhances security because separate segments are not allowed to talk to each other unless specifically permitted by your router. The router acts like a telephone operator deciding what extension can talk to another one. With the right equipment, you can even enable more fine grained controls called Traffic Shaping, which limits what one extension can say "on the phone" to the other extension.

Network Security

Network security consultants ensure there's more than one line of defense against intentional or accidental network intrusion. Information security is critical to any organization that does payment processing, stores customer payment information (stores credit card numbers, debit information), owns intellectual property or retains any personally identifiable information about patients, customers or sales leads. A business' network security is a large part of the entire network security plan. If a company processes credit card payments, it is subject to PCI DSS compliance laws and may be fined and subject to other penalties if it does not adhere to these standards. The same goes for the healthcare industry- it is subject to HIPAA compliance laws and can be subject to fines and other penalties if it does not adhere to those network security guidelines. Put our network support to work for your company to avoid a hassle and or ridiculous fines.

Network Upgrades

Network upgrades are desirable when your current network equipment such as hubs, switches, routers, bridges or wireless access points are at full capacity. You'll know this when your business grows and your network slows down to a creep. It may take minutes instead of seconds for your web pages to load or maybe you're waiting overnight to download large files. Those are two big indicators of poor network performance. The solution may be as simple as as optimizing your network by disabling unneeded services, or it may mean the network switches, routers, or access points are at the end of their usable life and it's time for a network upgrade to get faster equipment. Only a knowledgeable network support technician has the skill set and tools to measure and improve network performance.

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